Welcome to Son Street Local


To help establish a deeper connection between small businesses and their local communities through a radical focus on small, yet powerful acts of kindness.

Have you ever heard the story of the Prodigal Son?

Many local families have noticed an increasing amount of division, hate, and apathy in this world. If we’re honest, we’ve all participated in it to some degree and we know it’s affecting our kids.  It’s about time for us to come together & walk proactively in the opposite direction – back home. We’ve gotta smile more and argue less!


On Son Street, we believe in the power of small acts of kindness to bring people together and build stronger, happier communities. We also believe in supporting, advertising, & empowering organizations who use their resources to make a difference locally. 

We envision a world where small-medium sized businesses, non profits, and local neighborhoods are deeply connected by a commitment to making love & kindness normal in their communities.

The first question we’d like to answer is:

How do we scale an act of kindness?

Who's Making A Difference?

Can We Do Better Together?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when thinking about all the major problems in the world? If so, maybe this will resonate with you. We decided to focus on doing 1 specific good thing monthly and inviting close friends/family to participate.  Why? Because it’s much less overwhelming to focus on something we can actually control.  So would you be willing to help us turn a random good thing into a normal good thing? If so…please consider participating in the Invest Love Project!